Our Work

Learn About the Work of the SLHTA

The Association as part of our mandate is dedicated to representing, enlightening, educating and upholding the interests of its membership. The Association focuses on edification to improve the quality of service and lives of St. Lucians. In addition, the SLHTA is integrally involved in the improvement of the total quality of the tourism product; infrastructure and community. We work vigorously to ensure all our members benefit.
The SLHTA’s weekly Newsletter, titled “Tourism Matters” is circulated to all our members including Industry stakeholders and showcases members’ accomplishments and the Secretariat’s work involvement on a weekly basis, such as fundraising activities, human resource and community development activities, promotion of health and wellness activities among members, Committee meetings as it relates to Security, Linkages, Events, Marketing, and Airlift, as well as forums and several other deeds which continue to be a part of our planning process. Our members are continuously sent advisories on updates throughout the Industry and are the first to be informed on opportunities for improvement and benefits to them.