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On October 1, 2013, the Saint Lucia Hospitality and Tourism Association (SLHTA) launched its Tourism Enhancement Fund, an exciting new private sector initiative.

The Tourism Enhancement Fund has been created to allow the SLHTA to play an integral part in the sustainable development of our destination. Through the Tourism Enhancement Fund, the SLHTA will be able to direct development efforts where they are most needed.

By collecting a small voluntary fee from our visitors, the SLHTA will be able to implement and finance projects specific to ensuring that our island is enjoyable for visitors and residents alike, including the beautification of specific areas of our island.

The SLHTA, through The Tourism Enhancement Fund, will be able to erect much improved road signage across the island, finance an important study on sustainability of our industry, enter into a private-public partnership to improve our water management, aid in the reconstruction of the Rainforest Trails and many other product development projects.

There also will be strong focus on education and hands-on training initiatives for our young people to give them a better chance of finding employment in our industry. SLHTA would like to spearhead programs for our work force to achieve higher standards to be able to strengthen our island’s presence in an ever more competitive international tourism marketplace.

This private sector initiative is welcomed by the Government of Saint Lucia in light of the many challenges we are facing as a country. Together, we recognize the importance of tourism to the livelihood of Saint Lucia’s future generations.

Resort guests and all other island visitors are asked to proudly be part of this exciting initiative and donate US$2 for each night of their stay at Resorts here in Saint Lucia which will go entirely towards our Tourism Enhancement Fund. Day visitors may contribute as well.

In anticipation of the support of our stay over and day visitors, the SLHTA thanks everyone for their contribution as we continue to make Saint Lucia an even better place for us all.

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