Who Are We?

The SLHTA represents its membership’s collective contribution to St. Lucia’s Tourism by integrating the diverse talents, knowledge and expertise of its membership.

The SLHTA is governed by a Board of Directors comprising representatives from various sections of the tourism sector. This structure is strengthened by a Secretariat, headed by a Chief Executive Officer and focuses on four main activities.

The SLHTA Close Up

As the principal tourism private sector agency in St. Lucia, the SLHTA is responsible for facilitating tourism sector development and management. The SLHTA is a private non-profit membership organization that functions as the “official organization and national spokesperson” for the hospitality Industry and its wide membership. The Association has a grouping of over two hundred members covering a wide segment of the economic spectrum of St. Lucia to include the tourism, retail & wholesale distribution, agriculture and other services sectors. The SLHTA is dedicated to representing, informing, educating and upholding the interests of its membership in the tourism industry, which has earned it the reputation as the “Voice of the Hospitality Industry”.

SLHTA Principal Functions

The SLHTA is governed by a Board of Directors comprising elected representatives from various sections of the tourism sector. This structure is strengthened by a Secretariat, headed by a Chief Executive Officer, which focuses on these main activities:
  • Lobbying / representing the interests of the membership;
  • Assisting in tourism & general policy formulation (via input into Government plans, policies and proposals);
  • Promoting, orchestrating & facilitating marketing support for members;
  • Coordinating/conducting industry-focused training, human resource development and technical assistance;
  • Monitoring sector developments, performance, practices & trends so as to provide advice to membership;
  • Coordinating supply of key information and statistics from members to developers/ investors, planners, relevant institutions and researchers;
  • Developing strategic business/institutional alliances, to build competitiveness, visibility and profitability of members, while widening revenue base;
  • Improving relationships and understanding between SLHTA membership, the wider tourism sector & the St. Lucia community, in the interest of national development and good corporate citizenship, via events, community outreach programmes and other targeted activities.


“To be the leading catalyst for developing Saint Lucia as the best island destination in the world.”

Our Mission Statement

Our Core Values

These underlying principles are the basis for the organization’s vision, strategies, plans, policies and actions and should be actively pursued in the day to day operations of both the Association and its individual members.


We maintain the highest standards of professional ethics and corporate social responsibility within the entire community.


We are alert and sensitive to market and economic trends, impending legislation and public policies relevant to tourism.

Unity of Purpose

We will adopt positions on issues that serve the interests of the members as a whole.


We accept individual and collective responsibility for our actions and for the success of the Association

President’s Message

For over fifty-five (55) years, the SLHTA has demonstrated phenomenal leadership, with a proven track record.  Our member-centric association provides support to all members without exception.

We continue to provide great value to our members through advocacy, training and development, communication and sharing of best practices. As the island’s leading private sector association, we are proud of our achievements, the success of our members and their confidence to reinvest in tourism and human development.

Some of our current members date back to the seventies (1970s), such as Villa Apartments, and the eighties (1980s), like Windjammer Landing and Le Sport/The Body Holiday. We thank all our long-standing members for their unwavering support.

During 2020, the association experienced the start of a global pandemic. This highly challenging period has been the toughest in the history of our organization. As we continue to navigate the ongoing pandemic, along with environmental challenges such as the impact of global warming, the support to our members in the areas of communication, advocacy, and business continuity shall continue to be our priority. This is the value that we bring to our collective membership and representation.

Whilst in office, it is my intention to build on the work of our past Presidents. I will embrace their experience and knowledge, through the establishment of a Past President’s Council (PPC). As we approach our Diamond Jubilee on November 23, 2023 we, will continue to ensure that we are constantly evaluating the needs of our members, through use of a research instrument to ensure that our strategic goals are aligned with those of our members, to achieve financial success.

Again, we thank all members for their support; without you, we would not be where we are today. We remain committed to serving you and creating value for your businesses.

Paul Collymore