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Take a minute to fill in one of our product guides if you are a Resort, Restaurant, or provider of an Allied service, so you too can be listed in our Membership Directory.

Tourism Enhancement Fund

Check out our most recent development, theTourism Enhancement Fund Started October, 2013 and read about all of the good it will be doing for the island.

The Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association Members Section

As the principal tourism private sector agency in St. Lucia, the SLHTA is responsible for facilitating tourism sector development and management in St. Lucia. The SLHTA is a private non-profit membership organization that functions as the “official organization and national spokesperson” for the hospitality Industry and its wide membership.
As a member, whether you are a hotel, restaurant, villa, or airline company, you are entitled to all of the information provided withing this website as well as being on the receiving end of an endorsement, confirming to customers and fellow members that you and they are in contact with a professional friend, and a sincere supporter of the tourism industry. This membership enables you to enhance your business in ways that could prove too costly or difficult to accomplish on your own.

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