SLHTA Tourism Matters Newsletter – Nurturing an exuberant Culinary Arts Landscape in Saint Lucia

For most of us, ‘superb culinary experiences’ are limited to only infrequent nights of fine dining and nostalgic doses of ‘mommas’ cooking. When we have devoured the last of a good meal, stomachs bulging and satisfied, we think little of the labour of love that made it all possible. For a select few, however, food holds a more profound meaning and unlocking the combinations for a great tasting meal is more a way of life than merely a response to hunger.

Whether kismet or a stroke of chance, chefs are bred from all sorts of circumstances. On a tiny isle like Saint Lucia, it is possible that the head chef at one of the island’s best restaurants hailed from humble beginnings; a once-troubled youth or member of a low-income household in a far from affluent community…Read More

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