SLHTA Introduces Independent Industry Employee Membership

The Saint Lucia Hotel & Tourism Association (SLHTA) is proud to introduce a new tier of Membership that would fall under the “Affiliate Member” category.  “The Independent Industry Employee Member” is  an Individual Member of the SLHTA and by paying a yearly membership subscription of EC$60.00  will entitle you to the following benefits:

  • Group Medical Insurance
  • Training and Development Workshops
  • Conferences discounts
  • Member to Member discounts

In order to apply to be “An SLHTA Independent Industry Employee Member”, when completing the Membership Application Form you must provide a job letter from the Company you are currently employed with as well as an updated curriculum vitae.

This category of members (Affiliate Member) will NOT be eligible to vote or be eligible to participate at Annual General Meetings of the SLHTA and will NOT be eligible to access the membership dues payment plan.

The SLHTA continues to initiate and conceptualize ways of benefiting not only its members but the people of Saint Lucia collectively.

SLHTA Membership Application Form – Individual Member

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