Wines of the World – Level 3 Training offered by SLHTA

It gives us great pleasure to announce the commencement of Wines of the World Level 3” course that is being coordinated by the St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association (SLHTA).
The “Wines of the World Level 3” offers a focus on wines, for individuals who are exposed to the service, selling and distribution of wines on a daily basis.
The course commences 16th September 2016 and concludes 21st September 2016. Classes will be held at the SLHTA Training room located at #3 Alfiona Plaza, Rodney Heights, from 2:00pm-6:00pm each day. The fee for the course is XCD $1000 per person. The Course is composed of 3 parts – theory, professional tasting and wine service standards. To complete the course and receive certification, all participants must successfully complete the final examination.
The objective of these sessions is to educate, train and provide the skills to examine, taste and analyze wines of the world. This is an extraordinary opportunity for participants to improve their wine knowledge and become more confident and comfortable to talk about wines.  We look forward to beginning the Wines of the World Level 3” course.
The training will address key issues in wines service including:
  • Create awareness of international standards and guest expectations
  • Build on student confidence – a confidant salesmen sells more
  • Creates more sales in hospitality and on-trade outlets
  • Opening new opportunities for students that sat the course and exam
  • Course is ideal for hotel/restaurant service staff, beverage retail staff, on-trade professionals, wine importers, sales reps etc. and those whom are keen wine aficionados that want to learn more.
  • Improve hotel and restaurant wine lists and beverage service
The SLHTA Foundation of Wines of the World-level 2 and SLHTA Wines of the World-level3 are currently facilitated and tutored by Jasper Kok, Executive Assistant – F&B at Cap Maison and is also:
  • Certified Sommelier, Court of Masters Sommeliers, London
  • Awards in Wines and Spirits, Wine and Spirit Education Trust-level3, London
  • Diploma Sommelier, Academy of Gastronomy, Netherlands
  • Awards in Wines and Spirits, Wine and Spirit Education Trust-level2, London
Please note that this is the FINAL round of training to be conducted this year and there is no guarantee of when another such opportunity will become available through the SLHTA.

To reserve your seat, please contact Veronica Swanson, SLHTA Project Assistant, HRD at or 453-1811

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