Viking Traders Participates in the World’s Trend and Innovation Observatory SIAL

The SLHTA would like to congratulate Viking Traders St Lucia on their latest achievement, being the only company from the Caribbean region to showcase 3 of the ‘Star Products’ at the World’s Trend and Innovation Observatory SIAL. The event was held in Toronto Canada from April 28th – 30th 2015 and was cosponsored by the Saint Lucia Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA) in association with the experts in trade for developing countries (TFO) Canada.

SIAL, Canada’s only food show dedicated to the retail and foodservice trade is an ideal market for the Caribbean due its wide diversity of culture, food products and a common language.

The highlight for Viking Traders at SIAL was the honour to receive three letters of CONGRATULATIONS from the SIAL Innovation for their original Banana Ketchup, Banana Barbeque Sauce with honey and the all natural Caribbean Rum Cake which were placed in the SIAL Innovation window showcase.

Viking Traders is proud to have taken part at their SIAL Exhibition which sets the stage for the world to show off its culinary innovations. Also for the opportunity given to display and sample the ‘Saint Lucian’ manufactured Viking products under the umbrella of ‘The Taste of St Lucia’.

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