VACANCY: Hospitality Ambassador

The Ministry of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information is responsible for the development and enhancement of the tourism product through quality assurance and standards which redounds to the visitor experience. Ahead of the 2023/2024 cruise season, efforts are underway to improve the cruise product by incorporating a more customer-centric approach to the engaging of cruise passengers while on island.

The Ministry is seeking to recruit client-focused, service oriented individuals for the role of Hospitality Ambassador.


The Hospitality Ambassador Program will endeavor to provide a warm and welcoming experience for visitors at various places of interest. Individuals enrolled in the program will serve as a representative of the tourism industry, ensuring that visitors have a positive and enjoyable experience. The primary responsibilities include greeting and assisting tourists, providing information and recommendations, and promoting local attractions and services.


1. Previous experience in a customer service or hospitality role;
2. Strong leadership and organizational skills;
3. Proficiency in at least one (1) foreign language;
4. Basic knowledge of First Aid and emergency procedures;
5. Familiarity with local laws, regulations and customs;
6. Familiarity with technology and information systems used in the tourism sector; and

In addition, the successful candidate must possess:

1. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
2. Strong knowledge of the destination’s attractions, landmarks, culture and tourism product offering;
3. Familiarity with local transportation options and logistics;
4. Medial and physical fitness to perform any strenuous activity required by the type of tour offered;
5. Ability to work flexible hours including weekends and holidays;
6. Friendly and approachable demeanor with a passion for providing exceptional customer service;
7. Ability to relate to visitors from a wide rage of cultures and backgrounds;
Ability to multitask and remain calm under pressure


The Hospitality Ambassador reports directly to the Coordinator, Hospitality Ambassador Program

-Welcome visitors upon arrival, offering a friendly and hospitable demeanour;
-Provide information about the destination, including attractions, activities, dining options, and transportation services;
-Assist visitors with directions, maps, and general inquiries, ensuring they have a smooth and enjoyable visit;
-Provide recommendations to visitors on places to visit, activities and cultural experiences.
-Serve as an ambassador for the destination by promoting its unique features, attractions, and local culture;
-Highlight local businesses, including restaurants, shops, and entertainment hubs, encouraging visitors to explore and support the local economy;
-Share information about upcoming events, festivals, and special activities, enticing tourists to participate and enhance their experience;
-Provide recommendations for dining, accommodations and additional attractions, enhancing the overall tourism experience;
-Provide feedback to the Ministry on quality assurance and standards of the tourism product.
-Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional service to tourists.
-Attend to visitor inquiries, concerns, and complaints, striving to resolve issues promptly and effectively.
-Maintain a professional and friendly demeanor at all times, addressing tourists’ needs with patience and attentiveness.
-Assist with arranging reservations, bookings, and ticket purchases for tourists, coordinating with relevant service providers.
-Communication and Coordination with Program Coordinator to identify issues which may arise and ensure sharing of up-to-date information with visitors.
-Remain knowledgeable on emergency information (including emergency contact details);

For consideration, qualified applicants should submit their resume to

Applications should be submitted no later than August 31, 2023.

Only suitably qualified applications will be acknowledged.


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