UK Institute of Hospitality Endorses Springboard Online

Springboard EndorsementThe international professional membership body for hospitality managers and aspiring managers, the UK headquartered Institute of Hospitality (IoH), has this week given their full support for Springboard’s Professional Development System for hospitality employees.

“The Springboard Caribbean ‘Professional Development System’ is to be commended as a valuable contribution to the professional development needs of both employees and the industry within the Caribbean region. We look forward to working with Springboard in making this goal a reality.”

Peter Ducker FIH, Chief Executive, Institute of Hospitality

The Springboard Professional Development System is designed to upgrade the skills and productivity of the Caribbean based hospitality workforce while helping businesses become more competitive and profitable.  New entrants, Line staff, Supervisory and Management staff will be able to complete relevant online courses in their own time and at minimal cost while employers are able to easily track the training progress of all of their employees and monitor behavioural changes.

On successful completion of each course, employees will gain international recognition through a certificate endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality and which can lead to further internationally recognised and UK accredited qualifications from Springboard’s other partners i.e. the VTCT (Vocation Training Charitable Trust) and the RSPH (Royal Society for Public Health.)  The system is all inclusive and though beneficial, hospitality employees need not have previous educational qualifications to participate in and benefit from recognition through the Professional Development System.

The Springboard Professional Development System has undergone a rigorous quality assurance review by the Institute of Hospitality and consequently the system has received their full endorsement.  The IoH’s primary purpose is “to promote the highest professional standards of management and education in the international hospitality, leisure and tourism industries”.  It also confers global professional recognition designation of Associate – AIH, Member – MIH and Fellow – FIH e.g. John Smith FIH.  The Springboard Professional Development System has been recognised by the IoH as providing CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points which support the eventual award of these designations.

Springboard has already developed an excellent reputation for upskilling with over 500, largely unemployed, young St Lucians being trained and placed in well paid and skilled hospitality positions with just one of its clients. In addition Springboard is also known for the quality and effective delivery style of its Food Safety & HACCP, Operational and Management training courses to hotel properties in the Caribbean region.

Managing Director of Springboard, Mrs. Ann Maria Quail – Chartered Fellow CIPD, MA HRM, says “this is a natural development for our company.  In our dealings with our local and international clients we have gained a very good understanding of the needs of both employers and individuals who work in the Industry.  We are committed to maintaining the confidence shown in us by the Institute of Hospitality by providing the Industry and its employees with a system that meets international standards, and which address many of the barriers previously experienced such as the price, quality and international recognition of training and development in the Caribbean Hospitality Industry.”

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