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Saint Lucian Boutique Resort cleans up community

On Sunday 17th February, Ti Kaye Resort & Spa joined forces with our friends at the Saint Lucia Red Cross, and undertaking a morning of highway clean up between Roseau and Anse La Raye Village. The campaign begins from 6:00 AM until 9:30 AM.

In 2018, Ti Kaye was the first resort on island to announce a self-imposed ban on single use plastics. We are witnessing the slow degradation of our environment from plastics and are trying to draw attention to the issue by becoming the change we want to see. The sides of most highways in Saint Lucia are littered badly. We see 2 problems here: 1. The ubiquitous presence of discarded single use plastics and 2. The negligent attitude of Saint Lucians toward public cleanliness and the discarding of unwanted containers. While we are promoting the complete ban of single use plastics in Saint Lucia and are calling on the Government to take immediate action on this grave situation, we are also appealing to all Saint Lucians to please be mindful and do not discard your waste in public places, plastic or not. Many of us on island are in some way connected to tourism for our livelihoods and a clean & beautiful island is paramount to the success of our brand. We all therefore should be concerned about this subject. Plastics not only exist on the side of highways but also in gutters, ravines & rivers which eventually flow out to sea and end up on beaches, on reefs and practically everywhere in our environment causing harm and are unsightly.

The clean-up campaign is expected to be a customary event with the intention of actively maintaining waste-free roadsides and cleaner surroundings.

Saint Lucians! Keep our island beautiful.

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