This Week at the SLHTA, April 25th, 2014

Friday, April 25th, 2014  
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Tourism Enhancement Fund prepares for another set of donations
British Airways increases airfares to St Lucia
Exceptional Customer Service Workshop
New Member Feature
Belated Christmas Party for Children of Bexon and Marc
LUCELEC Gives Across The Board Sponsorship To Jazz Festival
Bay Gardens Resorts New Initiative
SALCC Stages Inaugural Jazz Activity
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Visit the St. Lucia Meteorological Office at and listen to radio and television broadcasts to stay informed about weather forecast and reports for your area.
Have flashlights, battery-powered radios and extra fresh batteries available in the event of power outages.
Unplug all electrical appliances and equipment in the event of a thunderstorm. Lightning can produces high voltages on electrical networks, which can damage equipment. Turn off as many appliances as possible that require electricity.

Tourism Enhancement Fund prepares for another set of donations


The SLHTA’s Tourism Enhancement Fund prepares for another round of donations to families diversely affected by last years Christmas Eve Trough.
Approximately 50 boxes of groceries will be packed and transported to NEMO (National Emergency Management Organization). The donations will be made to Nemo and then to the various families next week.

British Airways increases airfares to St Lucia 
and five other Caribbean Destinations


Airlines have increase fares to the Caribbean just weeks after Chancellor George Osborne announced Air Passenger Duty on flights to the islands would be reduced.


British Airways confirmed that it has added £10 to ticket prices to six destinations – Barbados, Antigua, St Lucia, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago and Kingston in Jamaica.
It said the move was ‘in response to market conditions’, but one Caribbean tourist board said it was shocked at the decision.

Coming Soon:
Exceptional Customer Service Workshop


Any time you take a job in customer service, it is important to consider becoming a complete expert in the position you are holding. Become an expert in your job by learning about specific skills necessary in order to communicate with your customers.
Learn everything there is to know about the services and products you are providing before you begin offering alternative solutions and advice to your customers. Spend time reading up on the products and services you represent, attend training sessions or talk to your more experienced colleagues.
Stay Tuned for details of this timely and important workshop in a subsequent Newsletter!!

123 Digital Limited is an information technology firm which specializes in the development of web technologies, publishing and market research. We are young, energetic and up – to -date with the latest marketing and web development trends. We have had the pleasure of working with some great people who are not scared of breaking boundaries and are interested in making history rather than repeating it, all in pursuit of work that both drives business results and leaves a dent in culture.
We are passionate about everything we do. Our directors double as producers, artists and photography enthusiasts. All this passion inspires the work we do for our clients.
We work within the Gulf States, the Caribbean, Latin America, Canada and UK. We speak English, French and Spanish. We aim to save clients money and produce quality work. We provide first world services at third world prices. If you don’t believe us ask Siri!
We are a fair and equal opportunity employer. If 123 Digital Limited seems like a place you’d like to work or a team you’d like to partner with, we’d sure like to meet you.

Cap Maison hosts another Guest Chef series featuring St. Lucian native Ed Harris, 2010 Chopped winner on Food TV on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd May 2014
Born in Cedars St. Lucia, but currently residing in New York City Chef, Ed Harris’ unending passion for cuisine began in the kitchen. Over the past decade, Ed has been heavily involved in the food business, and in many aspects as well. His experience ranges from high end private events, off site events and various celebrity gatherings to consulting on menu items and restaurant concepts.
Throughout his career Ed has worked as a Tournant, Junior Sous Chef, Banquet Chef, Executive Sous Chef, Dim Sum Chef, Expeditor and Saucier and now that he is a Consultant Chef, he uses all those areas of expertise to further his career. His experience in the different positions has given him the opportunity to play an active role in the planning, supervision, and creative aspects of the food industry. When it comes to sharing his love of food with others, Ed Harris work is not just limited to assisting in the process of providing customers with avant garde meals. He has dedicated much of his leisure time to informing younger children about food and the business of food. Ed has also participated in events to help raise funds for several charities.
Some of the many organizations he has volunteered for include the Taste of New York, Autism Speaks and the James Beard Foundation. He has also appeared on the Food Network channel as the winner of CHOPPED “Turbot Powered” and on “Chef Wanted” with Anne Burrell and a few others. The Chef who specializes in different styles of Cuisine, Asian being his favorite and is a graduate of the Art Institute of New York City. The St. Lucian native seems to have found a great connection with the world of food and his journey in that world has only begun.

Belated Christmas Party for Children of Bexon and Marc 
Treasure Bay Casino staff celebrated Christmas in March with the children of the Bexon and Marc community.  Staff held a belated Christmas party for the children of Bexon and Marc who were affected by the Christmas Eve tropical trough.
We, the staff at Treasure Bay Casino, are passionate about assisting our communities in any way possible. Our volunteers and staff worked tirelessly to ensure this was a fun event for the children.

This community outreach initiative was a united effort led by the Finance department, staff and community volunteers, and many of the Treasure Bay business partners. The children were kept entertained with hours of party festivities. They played games, received gifts and had lots of eats and drinks.  The generous offerings were provided free to the children, all made possible by our many business partners and staff.  It was a huge undertaking but the reward of seeing the children happy and creating such a memory for them was worth it. A very big thank you to our business partners, volunteers who helped on the day, and a special thank you to all the Treasure Bay Staff for their contributions!

LUCELEC Gives Across The Board Sponsorship To Jazz Festival
Saint Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) is continuing its Gold Sponsorship support of the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival.
The electricity company will contribute cash and electrical infrastructure to main organizers the Saint Lucia Tourist Board.
The relationship between LUCELEC and the jazz festival began in 1992 when the very first event was held at the Pigeon Island National Landmark.  At the time, the venue was not electrified requiring LUCELEC to provide temporary power to organizers.
Since then, Pigeon Island has been added to the LUCELEC grid and the venue powers the main stage festival events. However, LUCELEC has maintained its role of providing additional lighting for security and patrons parking outside the main venue…Full Story Here

Bay Gardens Resorts New Initiative to Enhance Guests Experience
Bay Gardens Resorts announced today that it has teamed up with four neighbouring restaurants to provide visitors with an enhanced dining experience.
To offer its guests an even more diverse culinary experience, a decision was taken to partner with select specialty restaurants in Rodney Bay: Fire Grill, Star Fish Deli, Buzz and Spice of India.
Under this ‘Dine Around’ Programme, guests of Bay Gardens Resorts on an All Inclusive or Modified American Plan will, for a small supplemental fee, be able to dine at any of the four aforementioned restaurants for up to three nights during a seven-night stay.
Executive Director of Bay Gardens Resorts Sanovnik Destang commented that this is a mutually beneficial partnership which can yield only positive results. “Our guests want to experience St. Lucia not just for its sites, but they want to take a culinary journey. What we’ve done here is help simplify it for them.” Destang continued, “This programme again promotes the sort of synergy that local businesses should continue to strive for.”
This programme comes on the heels of Bay Gardens Resorts newly created accommodation package- Discover St. Lucia: Rainforest & Reduit Beach Experience (R & R Experience). Under this package, the company teamed up with Fond Doux Resort & Plantation to provide a shared accommodation experience to showcase both sides of St. Lucia.

Stages Inaugural Jazz Activity


The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College will stage its inaugural Sir Arthur Jazz on Friday May 2, 2014, hoping to be an established part of St. Lucia’s premier cultural event.
“Sir Arthur Jazz” will prominently feature talented singers and musicians from the College and secondary schools in St. Lucia.
The line-up includes the energetic vocalist Teddyson John, former Calypso King Nintus, the band Eva Lucian with its lead vocalist Arthur – a student at the Division of Teacher Education. Accomplished panist Aimran Simmons is also booked to perform along with the St. Lucia School of Music, the Entrepot Secondary Steel Pan and the George Charles Secondary School Dancers.
The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College hopes to demonstrate that it is not only synonymous with academic excellence but renowned for distinction in the arts and culture.
Sir Arthur Jazz on Friday May 2nd is open to the public. It starts from 1100am and has the endorsement of the St. Lucia Tourist Board.
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