The Week at the SLHTA – Caribbean Hotels Need to be GDPR Compliant to Avoid EU Fines

Caribbean Hotels Need to be GDPR Compliant to Avoid EU Fines
This month the EU is undergoing one of the largest changes to data protection laws in the past 20 years. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect on the 25th May 2018, and Caribbean hotels must be ready to meet these regulations to ensure they avoid potentially significant fines.
The GDPR is designed to strengthen data protection for all individuals within the EU. Importantly for Caribbean businesses, it covers personal data collected and stored outside the EU. The GDPR aims primarily to give control back to citizens and residents over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business. In short, GDPR compliance is required by every Caribbean hotel that takes bookings from EU residents that made their bookings in their native countries.
Organisations that process an individual’s data incorrectly, don’t have a data protection officer, or suffer from a security breach, can be fined by the EU. Smaller offences could result in fines of up to two per cent of a firm’s global turnover and larger offences could result in fines of four per cent of a firm’s global turnover.
To find out more information about becoming GDPR compliant, or to register your relevant staff or property for a certificated half-day compliance workshop approved and endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality, please visit:
Thursday 19th July 2018
Saint Lucians Overseas Excited About
New Sandals Resort
The buzz of excitement surrounding the commencement of work on Sandals’ newest resort in Saint Lucia has already spread beyond the shores of the island, and is creating waves among the hundreds of Saint Lucian nationals working at Sandals properties throughout the region.
While some 98% of the 1,800 strong work-force in Saint Lucia are locals, more than 300 others are working throughout the Caribbean, from Jamaica to Grenada.
In Barbados, where the new Sandals Royal Barbados was opened in December 2017, Nisa Nicholas of the Barbados Projects’ Office said her colleagues in Saint Lucia have a lot to look forward to.
“ As a St Lucian, the ground breaking of a fourth Sandals resort is great news and an opportunity for more job creation. We also have the most resorts in the Eastern Caribbean and that in itself shows the confidence the brand has in my country. I would like to ask Mr. Stewart however to consider a Beaches in Saint Lucia so family and kids could enjoy our amazing product… READ MORE
Lion Fish, This Year’s Hottest Fish Dish
Have you ever served lionfish? If not, you could be missing out.
Seven of the 35 hotels surveyed by sustainable tourism charity the Travel Foundation are already serving it, and chefs have been calling it a tasty fish that is extremely versatile and good to cook with.
As you may know, lionfish are an invasive species, originating from the Indo-Pacific region but introduced to the Caribbean by humans. Saint Lucia is one of the last islands to be invaded by lionfish – with the first sightings in 2011. Since then, populations have exploded, and the species has been eating the young of other fish, reducing native reef fish numbers by up to 80% in some areas of the Caribbean. It represents a major threat to Saint Lucia’s coral reefs, which are so crucial for tourism.
Research has shown that the best way to control this species is to encourage its consumption, and the tourist industry can play its part – for international visitors lionfish is a local delicacy, a part of the unique experience of the island. Encouraging tourists to eat the fish will not only help coral reefs to recover, but also support the livelihoods of local fishers.
Many local fishers already catch lionfish, but because there is not a steady demand, the catch is not always sold on. Interestingly, there have been fewer lionfish spotted on the reefs recently, which would seem to indicate that numbers were reducing. But further research showed that they have simply got wise to the danger of being speared by divers and retreated to deeper waters. Dive to 100 feet or so and there are countless lionfish to be seen – and they are much bigger specimens, great for serving up in the kitchen.
Lionfish have venomous spines, but once these are snipped off with scissors, the fish is perfectly safe to cook with. Several hotels are serving lionfish once or twice a week, and it makes for a great ‘catch of the day’. The tourists interviewed by the Travel Foundation were very positive about the fish, and of course it gives them the chance to be part of the solution, to do something during their holiday that helps conserve the island’s natural beauty.
As part of the Travel Foundation’s ‘Lionfish on the Menu’ project, in partnership with theDepartment of Fisheries and CLEAR Caribbean , 60 fishers have been trained to more effectively catch and process the species. Equipment such as filleting knives and puncture-proof gloves, as well as aprons and scissors, has been provided to enable people to catch more lionfish and provide them in the quantities needed by hotels.
Hotels and restaurants can play their part by ordering the fish, ensuring they offer a price comparable to other catches, and starting to serve it to customers. The Travel Foundation can provide support and materials to help hotels communicate the benefits of eating lionfish to tourists.
Professionals attending the upcoming Enterprise Development Forum and Marketplace are set to meet more than key stakeholders in various industry with a common goal. Attendees of the two-day event will acquire Professional Development Credits in partnership with the Association of Professional Engineers of St. Lucia, and will be exposed to presentations from three keynote/Special Guest Speakers, eighteen panelists and a marketplace experience.
The event presented under the theme ‘Sustainability Defined’ is set to bring the dialogue forward in a unique way and allow for the discovery of solutions to enrich business development opportunities in a sustainable way. Sponsors include AdVizze Consulting Inc, All Biz, Bornewell Holding Inc, Caribbean Events, Harbor Club, Curio Collection by Hilton, 1 st National Bank St. Lucia, Massy Stores St. Lucia, Mediazone, Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority, the Association of Professional Engineers.
Registrants are encouraged to claim their spot early by  or visiting facebook and linkedin @EnterpriseEevelopmentForum or and be prepared to engage speakers like Dr. James Fletcher, Sustainable Development Specialist and Author, Dr. Richard Brown, Director for CARICOM Single Market and Sectoral Programmes at the CARICOM Secretariat, Mr. Wes Hall, Executive Chairman/ Founder Kingsdale Advisors. Other noteworthy panellist represent various industry leaders from CARILEC, CARICOM, and national private and public.
For more information, please contact:
Kezia Preville/Nerdin St. Rose
Event Organizers
(T) 7144882/7139191
The SLHTA, in collaboration with Springboard Caribbean (the Strategic Educational Partner of the CHTA), is pleased to offer its members:
“Interpreting Key Financial Statements to Improve Your Bottom Line”
Training will be held on the 7 th June 2018, at the SLHTA Training Centre from 9:00 am to 4.00 pm. Cost of the training course is $465.00 EC plus VAT which includes morning break and lunch.
This is a very pragmatic and interactive workshop, designed for new and existing supervisors and managers, who are looking to improve their basic understanding of the key financial statements that they are likely to come across in the running of their teams and departments.
Many new supervisors and managers are confident in their ability to undertake the operational tasks of their department but frequently shy away from understanding the underlying financial numbers of their departments.
This course seeks to reduce the fear of using ‘numbers’ in operating their department. It provides a very pragmatic and contextualized approach, including the use of real world examples, to demystify the key financial statements, allowing them to apply what is learned to improve the operations of their department.  It also gives them the confidence to discuss the information contained within financial reports with other managers including the General Manager and the business’s Financial Controller.
Topics to be covered include… READ MORE
Caribbean Events Platform Launched
A new online portal for events and festivals scheduled throughout the Caribbean recently launched, providing travel agents with a much-needed resource to help plan and enhance their clients’ vacations.  currently features more than 200 events, with new events added daily, across the region. This intuitive, easy-to-use calendar provides information for travelers interested in culinary, cultural, musical, and other events, with the ability to search for events by date, island, and even event type.
“The Caribbean has a reputation for some of the world’s most authentic and inspiring festivals and events that on-island partners invest significant human and financial resources in each year,” said Nerdin St. Rose, founder of “We developed to meet a specific need to provide a platform to promote these events while also providing travel planners with concise, up-to-the-minute information that can enhance their clients’ vacations to the region.”
St. Rose brings more than two decades of marketing and event management expertise to the development of An authority on doing business in the Caribbean, she has worked and lived in several islands, including the Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Saint Lucia, and the Turks & Caicos Islands.
St. Rose also noted the benefit to event organizers and planners to submit information directly onto the site, at no cost in this initial phase. Destinations can list events for free, with fuller details and live links available at a nominal cost.
Planned enhancements include opportunities for hotels and destinations to add richer, customized content as well as value-added advertising opportunities that include homepage features, video, and direct links for ticket sales.
Travel planners can visit  to search the full calendar of events and follow along for updates on  Facebook  and  Instagram .
About is an online portal for events and festivals scheduled throughout the Caribbean. Travel planners and consumers can research by date, island or type of event to find what’s happening in destinations across the region. Destinations and event organizers can upload information directly onto the site, with enhanced content packages available.
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