The Week at the SLHTA, August 23rd, 2013


Friday, August 23rd, 2013  
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SLHTA Meets with CDN
Show Appreciation to Employees
Whats New
Spice Coconut Cake Recipe
The Art of Up Selling was Successfull
Certificate of Excellence – Spice of India
The Little Lucian Cooking School
Sea Adventures Inc
Best Rates 24 hr Car Rental

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meets with Creative Development Network


This week the SLHTASecretariat met with representatives of the Creative Development Network to discuss areas of collaboration and support for the work of local artistes and producers of visual arts.

The meeting discussed a partnership between theSLHTA, Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries  and the CDN to access grant funding for training of artistes and marketing of their work in order to strengthen visibility of products, generate greater awareness of local artistes and stimulate business activity between local visual arts producers and the tourism community.

Other areas of collaboration discussed included roadshows, documentaries, online presence and membership of the SLHTA.

CDN was represented by Nadia Jabour, Wanda Octave and Allcina Nolly.  The SLHTA was represented by Noorani Azeez and Andre Alexander.

Outstanding Staff Profile


The Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association has established a new initiative which is aimed at acknowledging outstanding line staff at your establishment. Human Resource is a vital tool in any establishment and it is imperative that we recognize their input in the success of your company.

Therefore, the Association requests that you send in the name of someone who is deserving of such recognition. We would also need a short write up and photo on the individual(s).  The SLHTA will feature this individual in our weekly news letter which goes out every Friday.

What’s New !!!  
The Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association wants to know whats going on at your establishment.  Please send us information on:


Awards Ceremonies
Management Changes
New Products/Services

Outstanding Leadership
If you want to be perceived as a leader in the workplace, a great place to start is by deliberately choosing to speak words and phrases that are empowering to yourself and others; to use language that captivates, motivates, and inspires; and to communicate a vocal image that conveys clarity, confidence, and credibility.

Spiced Coconut Cake
Recipe compliments The Little Lucian Cooking School

3 cups All-purpose flour
1 1/2 cups Brown sugar
1 1/2 cups Freshly grated-coconut
3 tsp  Baking powder
1 tsp Baking soda
1/2 tsp Allspice (optional)
1 T   Nutmeg
1 T   Cinnamon
1/2 tsp Salt
2  Eggs, well beaten
2 cups Coconut Milk
1/2 cup Butter, melted or- coconut oil
1 tsp Vanilla Extract (optional)
1-4Tbsp St Lucia coconut  rum (optional)

  • Preheat oven to 350 F
  • In a large bowl mix together all dry ingredients.
  • Beat eggs and milk together and add melted butter. Add vanilla and coconut rum (optional).
  • Add above liquid to bowl with dry ingredients mix until blended. Place batter in a greased oblong baking dish (about 13 x 8) Bake for 1 hour or until cooked in centre.
Cool and cut into squares.

SLHTA Up-Selling Workshop
“The Art of Up Selling”



The Saint Lucia and Tourism Association (SLHTA) held its inaugural upselling workshop at the Palm Haven Hotel on Wednesday August 14th 2013.  The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Joseph Dubois under the theme “The Art of Up Selling” and was well attended with approximately fifty (50) individuals from the Allied and Hotel sector.


The workshop involved several group assignments, discussions, and presentations which gave the participants the opportunity to up sell an array of products and services.  These services and products included Car Rental Services, Food & Beverage Service, Wedding Services and other services offered by Front Desk Agents and Human Resource Managers.


The participants enjoyed the seven (7) hour session and had this to say about the workshop;
  • The session was generally well planned and executed.  It met its objectives as far as a refresher on up selling.” – Training & Development Manager
  • “Training was fantastic. Very informative and I Iook forward to using what I have learnt here today in my work on a daily basis.” – Spa Receptionist
  • The training was excellent. Very informative. I do realize though that at some points during the presentation we strayed away from the topic a little. Had it not been so we would have finished on time.” – Reservationist.
  • A follow up is very necessary.  The training was very hands-on and very engaging, relevant and practical” – Retail Manager
  • One more hour would have allowed for more discussion” – Front Desk Agent.

Congratulations to Spice of India
Spice of India, located in Baywalk Mall is an authentic upscale Indian cuisine restaurant with both covered outdoor, and air conditioned indoor seating.


  The restaurant commenced operations in December 2010 and has been the number one rated restaurant on the island of St. Lucia since April 2011  Achieving and maintaining its number one position is no easy feat as Tripadvisor, one of the world’s most renowned and highly respected website in the travel industry, bases its rating system on reviews garnered from independent travellers and holiday makers the world over.  In fact the restaurant has approximately 500 reviews which reflects its passion for providing the very best in customer service, amazingly flavourful authentic Indian cuisine, and genuine warmth and hospitality to its diners.  And they are proud of the fact they are winners of its Excellence Award every year with Five star ratings.


 Spice of India employs chefs from India to ensure that the quality for food is authentic, uncompromised and worthy of its awarding winning status.  With the support of its local staff who are being trained in this ancient cuisine the kitchen can prepare dishes from the many regions of India where food can be vast and varied, utilising different ingredients, and methods of preparation to bring out complex flavours that is quickly becoming a favourite cuisine internationally.  With its Chef Tasting Lunch Menus Spice of India puts together a fixed menu which changes every day and is a perfect option for sampling the many regional foods of India.  As India boast one the largest population of vegetarians the menus can be quickly adapted to provide a wide variety of tasty, nutritional options for vegans and vegetarians and persons with special diets and dietary requirement.  Visit our facebook page to see the daily changing lunch menu which includes two meats, two vegetable, rice, bread and dessert, all authentic Indian preparation, for EC $53.00 VAT inclusive.

The restaurant itself is a labour of love and passion just like the love story of Chef Adil of India and his St Lucian wife Nady where every decorative element tells a story and bring a little of India to St. Lucia.  With hanging Saris, mural ceiling of traditional Indian village scenes and a much loved Bangle bar (10,000 bangles) there are many visual delights which adds the perfect mood for a welcoming environment.  Visit its to download their menus, access direct link to their facebook page and lots more information.  Closed on Mondays, they are open 12 Noon to 4 PM for lunch and 6 PM onwards for dinner.


Call 458 4243 for reservations.


The Little Lucian Cooking School
Saint Lucian Spiced Coconut Cake
“…All travellers eat and drink
… Therefore food and drink have a greater ability to make long-lasting memories than any other kind of tourism experience ….”
 Eric Wolf – President, International Culinary Tourism Association 


At The Little Lucian Cooking School it is our goal to raise up the profile of the cuisine of St Lucia….one dish at a time. By carefully showcasing the authentic foods, customs and food traditions of the island we can help to form long-lasting memories of our guests and keep them coming back for more.


When done properly, culinary tourism tells the story of the heritage, the people and the landscape of a geographic area. The Little Lucian Cooking School: authentic food for curious travellers uses a fun, friendly and interactive cooking class to introduce others to those stories.


The average Culinary Tourist spends double that of a generic tourist (Ryerson University Study)

Here is one of the dishes that we, at The Little Lucian Cooking School, place on the palate first: Spiced Coconut Cake. Loaded with spices, love and tradition…the lingering taste is hard to forget. Serve that with Cocoa Tea freshly grated and prepared the traditional way and we will have our guests to the island having lasting memories of those experiences and coming back to the source, Simply Beautiful St Lucia… for more.

Sea Adventures Inc

(Cox & Company Limited)
Sea Adventures Inc is a subsidiary company to Cox & Company Limited that handles unique underwater adventure tours.  Over the past few months this tour has increased in popularity attracting the likes of some sport personality celebrities.  Sea Adventures Inc over the last year has become the HOT SPOT for celebrity sportsmen and women.  With SNUBA as the highlighted activity on their agenda one must be equipped with a pen to capture the autographs of these well accomplished athletes.
Ziane Pierre a Saint Lucian born international footballer who plays for the Italian club Genoa. At the age of 20 years what a career accomplishment!  Zaine is living his dream, and never misses an opportunity to return home and caught up with his friend Stingray (SNUBA guide with Sea Adventures).  After the tour he wrote.  “I must say it was great being underwater for such a long time. I really enjoyed it, it was great doing this and before I leave the island I am going to be back. Thank you so much guys. “

Helen Glover is a British professional, Olympic Goldmedal-winning rower and a member of the Great Britain Rowing Team.  Glover and Heather Stanning her team mate won a gold medal, the first for their country of the 2012 Games and the first ever British Olympic gold medal in women’s rowing.   Helen and her mother paid us a visit during their holiday trip to Saint Lucia, and embarked on their first underwater experience with our SNUBA guide
Davis Tarwater an American swimmer and Olympic gold medalist.  A water baby from an early age, swimming became his passion and life long career.  He is known by many as someone that has always been humble, worked extremely hard and has always been so positive. A true CHAMP !  After autographing his SNUBA guide’sJudge Judy’s nap sac he wrote: “We had a great time! The staff was friendly and informative.  We saw a ton of creatures including an octopus and a sea horse.  We hope to come back again next time.  Thanks so much!”

Best Rates
24 Hours Car Rental (St Lucia) 
Best Rates 24 Hours Car Rental’s name and business were created from what customers have consistently requested in the past and continue to do today. Best Rates 24 Hour Car Rental is located in Sans Souci, Castries opposite the Carilec and LIME buildings. Sandra Maylor is the Managing Director, and has over thirty-one years experience in the Automobile Rental Industry.  Through hard work, perseverance, honesty and professionalism, she had successfully managed an internationally renowned franchise    (Hertz St. Lucia) for over twelve years, as well as two other local Car Rental Companies for six years, from the 1970’s to 1990’s in St. Lucia.  During those years, Sandra recognized a great need for a 24 -Hour Car Rental service and better discounted rate that were not at the time being met by other Car Rental companies, which left a market-niche for a new Car Rental service to fill.


In response to meeting this need and filling that market-niche, Sandra, utilising her skills, experience and dedication, successfully opened the doors of Best Rates 24 Hours Car Rental which began as a small but growing and profitable business that aims to be the best and most respectful success Car Rental business in St. Lucia.   Best Rates 24 Hrs is a legally registered Company and licensed its name in November of 1997. The Company is presently a member of St. Lucia’s Auto Rental and Hotel & Tourism Association, and has already won the much- coveted Best Car Rental Service Award in 2007.


Best Rates 24 Hours Car Rental is well known for providing good value on a wide range of late model vehicles, excellent service, also guaranteed that customers will find Best Rates by far the most professional, efficient, co-operative and customer-friendly Car Rental service, with the lowest rate on S U V & Cars, also applied with customers satisfaction on the Island of St. Lucia today.


Best Rates 24 Hours Car Rental is pleased to announce its 10% – 15% discount to all locals.  For more information about renting a vehicle, feel free to call Sandra Maylor at 758 452 1330/758 584 4502.  You can also send her an email at
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