The Buddy Ambassadors Programme is proud to partner with SunSwept Cares  Foundation, a leader in wellness, in its mission to encourage wellness and positivity  among local communities, focusing on the young. The foundation recognises that the environment in which children grow and learn plays a crucial role in shaping their values  and behaviours.

SunSwept Cares, a leading nonprofit organisation dedicated to promoting the  pursuit of wellness, knowledge, and compassion among youth, is proud to announce the launch  of a national campaign aimed at creating a culture of kindness and inclusivity in elementary and  primary schools across St. Lucia in partnership with the Buddy Ambassadors Programme

The centrepiece of this initiative is the introduction of ‘Buddy Benches’ in 75 new schools in  addition to the 27 schools with a Buddy Bench, encouraging children promote kindness and  friendliness on playground. The Buddy Bench project, which initially started in 2018 with 70  schools in the United States, has grown into a global movement that seeks to empower children  to be more responsible, compassionate, and considerate as they grow into adulthood.  

The Buddy Bench Programme is designed to create a safe space in schools that can be used by  students in need of friends or who may be feeling lonely. When a child sits on the Buddy Bench,  it signals to their peers that they need a friend, prompting other children to join and offer their  friendship.

The goal is to create a society that encourages kindness, empathy, and inclusivity by  leading by example and providing children with the tools they need to make a positive  impact on their peers and society. 

At SunSwept Cares Foundation, we believe in the power of children to change the world through  kindness and compassion,” said Patricia Calderon, Corporate Social Responsibility Officer at  SunSwept Resorts. “Our Buddy Bench program is a tangible manifestation of our commitment to  fostering a culture of empathy and inclusivity, and we are thrilled to expand this initiative to reach  even more schools and children.”  

Additionally, Sunswept Cares Foundation will establish Buddy Ambassador Clubs in  participating schools, with students selected by teachers to lead various kindness projects and  promote inclusivity. In support of this campaign, the Foundation will also share toolkits for parent  and teacher workshops as part of its global initiative. These workshops will provide tips to help  children develop kindness and social skills, ultimately equipping them to become responsible  global citizens. ‘Creating a “Buddy Culture” requires the collective effort of parents, educators,  teachers, students, stakeholders, and community members, working together for a more peaceful  and better world’ adds Loverly Sheridan Founder of Buddy Ambassadors. 

The foundation believes that children need to feel seen and loved, and that by addressing issues  like loneliness and fostering kindness, it is possible to create future leaders and empower the  adults of tomorrow with the soft skills needed for success in an interconnected world. “Buddy  Bench is not just about helping individual children; it’s about creating a ripple effect of positivity  and empathy that will benefit not only the kids themselves but also society at large,” added Calderon.  

For more information about SunSwept Cares Foundation, please visit: or Buddy Ambassadors Programme, please visit

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