SLHTA Tourism Matters Newsletter – Saint Lucia’s Chrissy Gabriel shares her inspiring journey to Netflix

Born in the US Virgin Islands, Crystal “Chrissy” Gabriel moved to Saint Lucia, the birthplace of her grandparents, at the age of two. The story of how her interview with the Saint Lucia Hotel & Tourism Authority came to be is just as coincidental as some of the other details of her remarkable life.
The editors of the SLHTA’s annually published magazine, La Belle Helene, only select the most eye-catching images for the publication’s cover. The idea is to capture and display the essence of Saint Lucia’s culture and beauty. Last year, when SLHTA’s Board of Directors curated, from their archive, a group of possible photos to be used for the magazine’s 2019 issue cover, it was the wide smile and bright-eyes of a little girl decked in cultural print that stole their hearts…READ MORE
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