SLHTA Newsletter (SLTA Gears up to Increase the Marketing Capacity of the Island’s Small and Boutique Properties Sub-Sector) – 28th February 2022

In celebrating our 43rd anniversary of independence and paying homage to the island’s French heritage, the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA), is gearing up to officially launch the brand, that would collectively represent and strengthen the marketing capacity of Saint Lucia’s Small and Boutique properties sub-sector, in the international source markets.
Dubbed “Collection de Pépites”, we are proud to showcase the finest in a journey of discovery of over 300 hidden gems strewn throughout the island. The brand will serve the clientele that is optimistic about experiences that are more intimate or off the beaten track, with exquisite properties that offer stunning views and modern amenities in BnBs, Inns, Villas, and Boutiques…Read More
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