SLHTA held an Environmental Committee meeting

The SLHTA held an Environmental Committee meeting on May 8th 2015 at the SLHTA Office. The meeting was convened at 2:00pm and was attended by Carl Hunter (Anse Chastanet), Sheldon Harris and Sarah Watts (Ti Kaye Resort), Perry Baptiste (Windjammer Landing) and Wendel George (SLHTA).

Summary of visit generated activities from the Jade Mountain Anse Chastanet Site visit by the committee. – Although no direct emulation of initiatives was achievable the group commented on how it was a great thing that they got to network and establish alliances that would allow for better communication and resource sharing – Examples given were generalized idea sharing – Best practices etc. – someone to call when you have an idea and or a solution to share.

LED Lighting – Carl introduced the committee to the cost calculation base for LED retrofitting in addition to a light sample that ACR property had made for them. This light DIRECTLY replaces a 40 or 60W incandescent lamp and replicates all desired aspects of the traditional “A”: shaped bulbs. I.,E. colour rendering, lumens output, Throw (the direction in which the light travels). The presentation was well received. (Cost example sheet attached)

The contact information for the Chinese manufacturer is below: Please note that it may be best to establish initial contact with my (Carl Hunter’s) help and that if you are a smaller property you may wish to partner with a few others. The price break of USD$3.50 per lamp is achievable with an order minimum of 4000 pieces.

KOMEE INC. Mobile/Wechat/WhatsApp: 0086-187 6439 2637 Email:
Skype: jinling.qiu Facebook:

Selection of next property to visit as a team. Perry kindly offered Windjammer as the next site visit to be held in July followed by Sarah’s offer for Ti Kay to be on the list for September.

Review of projects for April 22nd Earth Day – ACR LED lighting retrofit – Ti Kaye All local food (nothing imported on the menu) – Low energy buffet event on the beach saving on the facilities power use – Lion fish hunting – Guests were encouraged to switch off A/C for the day. There’s clearly many opportunities for others to join and celebrate Earth Day events and in addition to being a good earth citizen garner some valuable marketing from your efforts also.

PV Power now through the legislation stage: There was a brief review of LUCELEC’s final acceptance of independent grid tied Photovoltaic systems with the threshold being set at 5KW for domestic and 25 KW for commercial entities. Attached to this e-mail is the documentation from LUCELEC required to start your application to go partially solar within your operation.

Ideas to create greater participation in this committee: It is distressing that such a small group achieves so much but does so in isolation of the decision makers who would really benefit from participating with us. Communications are being received but little or no interest is being shown. Wendell George of SLHTA committed to driving interest keenly prior to our next meeting with the hope of dramatically expanding the forum.

The next meeting: To be scheduled for late June and will focus on an energy presentation that can be shared with all the partnering hotel’s team members – The aim of the presentation is to educate the team members as to where they can save at home in the hope that the good habits created will be imported into the workplace for a larger and more global positive impact.

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