SLHTA Congratulates New SLP Administration

The Saint Lucia Hospitality and Tourism Association Inc. (SLHTA) extends sincere congratulations to Prime Minister-elect Philip J. Pierre and his soon-to-be sworn-in Cabinet of Ministers on their successful bid to form the new Government of Saint Lucia.

Our organization wishes the new administration the successful implementation of their programmes under its three broad objectives, which include stabilizing the economy and repositioning Saint Lucia for economic expansion. “Given the especially trying circumstances that our island has had to navigate in recent times, due in great part to the COVID-19 pandemic, the task at hand will be undoubtedly a great one for the new government,” said SLHTA’s Chief Executive Officer, Noorani Azeez. “However, the SLHTA stands ready to ensure that its contribution directly impacts the expansion of our economy in a positive way.”

SLHTA President, Paul Collymore, also pledged the organization’s support to the new government which won the July 26 general elections with an estimated 13 of the 17 parliamentary seats. “As an organization that is dedicated to national development, the SLHTA wishes the new administration every success in its plans that redound to a better Saint Lucia,” Collymore said. “The Board of Directors, members of the SLHTA and team members across Saint Lucia look forward to an amicable relationship that benefits everyone who depends on our crucial tourism sector.”

The SLHTA looks forward to meeting with the new Cabinet Ministers at the soonest opportune time to present our thoughts and ideas on a growth agenda for the tourism industry and wider private sector through public/private sector partnerships which will redound to the benefit of our people.

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