Past Efforts of SLHTA on Agriculture – SLHTA News (July 13th 2020)

Past Efforts of SLHTA on Agriculture
The SLHTA is proud of is current discussions with key partners for the recent launch of its Eat What We Grow campaign.Β The campaign builds on agri-tourism linkages initiatives over the past few years which we are quite pleased with.
As a result of a number of years of critical assessment, the Virtual Agricultural Clearing House (VACH) was created by the SLHTA. VACH, launched in 2016, sought to improve the local procurement of food for hotels and restaurants by sourcing fresh crops locally rather than importing them. Local farmers along with management staff of hotel and hospitality chains, were introduced to the VACH and the initiative proved to be a major success. Agricultural Liaison Officer at the SLHTA, Miss Donette Ismael, elaborated on the concept and the economic impact which it has had on Saint Lucia…READ MORE
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