LIAT Airline Expands Sabre Technology for Full-Content Distribution and use of E-Ticketing

liatPress Release (November 10) – Sabre Corporation today announced it has expanded a multi-year distribution and technology agreement with LIAT, The Caribbean Airline which is based in Antigua.

In addition to bolstering their commerce strategy with the agency channel, LIAT has implemented enhanced capabilities that enable seamless connectivity and access to pricing, availability, data and ticket changes for every booking within the agents’ workflow.

Under the renewed deal, LIAT implemented a technology upgrade to a set of solutions developed by Sabre for electronic ticketing delivery to the airline and travel buyers alike.

Agents booking LIAT flights in the Eastern Caribbean, Bahamas, the U.S., United Kingdom and France can now issue electronic tickets and manage changes on behalf of their travelers. David Evans, CEO for LIAT, said: “Our new agreement with Sabre, and the technology they provide to us, will help in continuing to position LIAT as an airline of choice for intra-Caribbean travel for consumers around the globe. It also allows us to strengthen our partnership with travel agencies as a valuable revenue stream and for them to build upon their customers’ loyalty.” Julia De Jesús, vice president for Sabre Travel Network in the Caribbean and north Latin America, said: “Sabre’s differentiating technology in the distribution space makes travel e-commerce more streamlined and rich in capabilities valuable to agencies and travelers.

We continue to support LIAT’s distribution strategy through the widest reach to subscribers, expanding access to valuable air content across the agency channel.” Sabre’s capabilities address agents’ needs while managing airlines’ inventory and reservations, as they provide instant booking confirmation and access to last-seat available inventory, among other workflow improvements. For the airline’s business, their expanded full-content distribution via Sabre’s agency subscribers combined with ticketing capabilities, will allow them to focus on revenue generation, marketing and operational efficiency. Sabre’s travel marketplace plays an important role in facilitating the marketing and sale of airfares, ancillary services, hotel rooms, rental cars, rail tickets and other types of travel, to more than 400,000 travel agents and thousands of corporations who use it to shop, book and manage travel. It is one of the world’s largest marketplaces, processing over $100 billion in estimated travel spend.

LIAT has marketed its services and fare classes in the Sabre travel marketplace since 1996, partnering with agencies and corporate buyers. The airline currently flies across 17 destinations in the Caribbean, including Barbados, St. Vincent, Trinidad, Dominica, Martinique, San Juan in Puerto Rico and St. Maarten.

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