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SLHTA is pleased to introduce to its members a program endorsed by the SLHTA and delivered by a leading training professional in our tourism industry.  We invite you to consider participating, particularly given the potential of the program to nurture Inspirational Leaders within your organization.  The information needed for your consideration is presented below.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at for any information which you may require to enable you to take advantage of the early bird specials.  Thank you for your kind attention.

Dear Colleagues,

Gallup research in employee engagement conducted over more than 25 years and spearheaded by Marcus Buckingham (First, Break All The Rules) states that “People don’t leave companies they leave managers”  What’s your labour turnover?  Is it at global industry average of 30% or more?

There is hope, companies don’t have to experience this high cost of turnover estimated at 1.5 times of an individual’s annual salary.  Nor do you have to endure those who stay that are disengaged or actively disengaged stymieing progress, creativity and innovation.  What you do need is good leadership!

Below are some of the comments from peers in the industry:

“As an industry, we have great management, we are over-managed in places.”

“Are we attracting sufficient talent and are we developing and preparing that talent to do the leadership job that is required?  I suspect we are not.”

“There are too many people in our industry who think they are leaders but actually are managers.”

We must consider the crucial importance of inspirational leadership at all levels within an organisation. John Adair, one of the world’s foremost authorities on leadership in organisations, and leadership development in particular,  offers us a helpful approach to categorising levels of leadership, namely:

  •  Team Leader – the leader of a team of up to 20 people, with clearly specified tasks to achieve
  •  Operational Leader – The leader of one of the main parts of the organisation, with more than one team leader under his or her control.
  •  Strategic Leader – The leader of a whole organisation, with a number of operational leaders reporting to him or her.

Perhaps the most critical success factor for any staff development strategy relates to the culture of the organisation, and no more so in respect of leadership development.

Over and above the extent to which an organisation has a learning culture, exemplified by the resources it is prepared to devote to developing its people, effective leadership development requires additional ingredients.  Example is contagious:  an organisation with a high proportion of good leaders, especially at operational and strategic levels, will develop a culture conducive to nurturing leadership in others.  Authority will be willingly delegated and people will be empowered to make decisions without automatic referral to higher authority.  The best leaders have a habit of wanting to work for the best organisations.  Why? Because they want to grow and therefore seek out opportunities that encourage them to do so: to map out a meaningful career for themselves.

Inevitably, one of the key planks of a leadership development strategy will be training – especially for potential team and operational leaders.  As John Adair notes:

“It is unfair, if not immoral, to give a person a leadership job without giving him/her some training for leadership.  It is unfair on that person, but it is even rougher for those whom he/she is expected to lead.”

“The Inspirational Leadership qualification has been designed to enhance the leadership capabilities of hospitality, tourism and travel professionals worldwide”  John Adair

The Award is a qualification accredited by Ofqual – the British Government’s office for regulating qualifications, examinations and assessments in England – and is certified by its awarding body, The Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality

Who Should Attend

Employees who either currently lead teams, such as senior managers responsible for distinct units – F&B,  Rooms, Operations and HODs with direct responsibly for the operation of restaurants, kitchens, reception or accommodation services, or are seen as having the potential to take up a such a role.

Course Overview

Building upon the findings of the first primary market research project of its kind, The  Hospitality Leadership Excellence Survey, this is a unique development course focusing entirely on the team leader qualities required of the service industries. It takes as its core model, Action Centred Leadership (ACL), created by one of the world’s foremost leadership experts, John Adair, which is represented by three, overlapping circles that denote a leader’s main responsibilities:

» achieving the task

» building and maintaining the team

» developing the individual

The three-day programme encourages trainees, to first of all understand themselves through individual personality profiling, to connect to others in a more meaningful way and then to consider how the principles of ACL can be applied to great effect within a customer service environment. However, it is not only relevant to the challenges faced by a team leader employed within our industry it is also:

» Practical – focusing on the actions required by a team leader.

» Participative – encouraging learning by doing and reviewing. Every trainee will have at least one opportunity to lead a team through an exercise, one opportunity to formally observe the leadership of an exercise, and a number of opportunities to experience and review the leadership of other trainees.

» Varied – The course content used, includes presentations, discussions (pairs, group and plenary), team and leadership exercises and personal reflection.

» Action-oriented – trainees are required to draw up a plan of specific actions, based on their learning during the course, and to commit themselves to applying them upon their return to work.

» Challenging – trainees will be encouraged to face up to the demands of their industry roles

» Enjoyable – people learn best when they are enjoying themselves, and they will on this course!


Certificates will be awarded for successful completion of an Assessment of Learning – a 45 minute examination marked by The Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality, in which students identify what leadership actions they would take according to a given case study, using the principles of ACL as the basis of their answer. It will be taken as an extension to the last day of the course, and is underpinned by  90 minute individual coaching sessions with the facilitator.

This three-day leadership programme is facilitated by Barbara Emmanuel in association with Hospitality Leadership Institute and accredited by the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality UK, and the St. Lucia Hotel Association.

Comments by previous participants and their learning:

“The exercises – it was fun and simple but carried deep lessons to learn and apply”

“Learning the role and functions of a leader and that as much as you want to achieve the task in the process
you must build your team and develop the individuals”

“Having role plays and having the course being interactive.  This kept participants engaged”

“Every aspect of the course was useful.  What stood out for me is the distinction between leadership
and management.  Understanding the role and functions of  a leader and realising it is vital.
Extremely rewarding course.  Was able to reveal where I am as a leader and where I need to be.”

Investment per participant: US$600.00

Included all training materials  – personal profiling, course material including PDF version of Alan Cutler’s book “Aspire to Inspire”  and 90 minute post course coaching session.  Lunch and refreshments daily.

Numbers are limited. Early Bird registration with full payment will attract 10% discount

Public Workshop Date:  August 13th to 15th 2014 inclusive

Early Bird expiry date:  July 15th 2014

Do you want a workshop specifically tailored to your organisations?  In either cases, please contact: Barbara Emmanuel @ or mobile 724 7884

You may also register via Wendel George at SLHTA for the public workshop.

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May 29th, 2014
SLHTA Members are asked to note the commencement of a Food Safety Training Programme offered by Springboard Training and Development Centre.  Interested properties are asked to contact Springboard directly at the contact details provided below for further information on accessing the opportunity.  Thank you.

Food Safety Training Programme – spaces currently available

Springboard Training & Development Centre offers both certificated and UK accredited Food Safety training programmes including qualifications, as an approved training centre, for the RSPH (Royal Society for Public Health) which is the leading UK accreditation body in this area.  Its certificated Food Safety, Sanitation Standards and HACCP training course has attracted significant attention among member properties and has already been rolled out to over 340 kitchen, restaurant and bar staff.  Springboard has taken a very practical approach in the delivery of its food safety course in recognition of the varying learning abilities of food handlers and the impending Food Safety Act.  The course covers key food safety matters from food delivery and food preparation through to table service. The programme can also be customised to take account of any specific food safety concerns member properties may have however Springboard ensures that the core programme always meets the requirements of the Level 2 – Food Safety certificate which is the minimum level of learning required in most countries that have mandatory training requirements for food handlers.  The total programme requires the completion of 6 guided learning hours which is usually delivered during one full day.    Springboard can offer its programmes at member properties or at its dedicated training centre in Massade Gros Islet.   The programme is currently being delivered at the BodyHoliday LeSport in the North of the island and a few places are still available on the following days: May 17th, 18th, 23rd, 24th and 30th in addition to June 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th.   The cost of the programme is $165 ECD per person and includes lunch, hand-outs and certification.   To book places on this programme please email Springboard at

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