Heineken Jazz on the square 2015

Heineken Jazz 2015

It is described as the “best party in the Caribbean,” a tagline that the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival wears proudly in its bejeweled crown, as one of the best festivals in the world. And, among the many precious gems of the festival, now in its 24th year, is “Jazz on the Square” which has received as much acclaim as the main-stage festival events.

This year Heineken Beer, the original sponsor of the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival, is once again proud gold sponsor and the official beer of the festival. Heineken is also the presenting sponsor, along with the Saint Lucia Tourist Board (the SLTB) and Landmark Events for Jazz on the Square – May 6-8, 2015.

The press launch for the event was held Tuesday April 7, at the Derek Walcott Square, home of Jazz on the Square.

“The City of Castries is expected to come alive once again when the ignition of the 2015 edition of Jazz on the Square is switched on,” noted Gaius Harry, Heineken Brand manager.

“Heineken Beer is proud to be a sponsor of this event … collaborating with the Saint Lucia Tourist Board and Landmark Events, to add a touch of pizzazz and the element of surprise, which Heineken is famous for, at this year’s event. As a sponsor, we are partnering with the organizers to inject as much excitement as we can, alongside the equally exciting line-up, into this historic open space in the heart of the city,” Harry added.

According to the Heineken Brand Manager, the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival is all about creating a buy-in from the community at large through the numerous fringe activities of which Jazz on The Square has grown into the centerpiece of that movement. These free events, he says, brings together all the elements required to create the magic of a true festival.

 “Let us not forget too, the Heineken Beer Garden, which is a much sought after spot by locals and returning visitors, as sought after I dare say as the exciting line-up itself,” Harry stated. He went on to “tease” that indeed Heineken had become the fuel running through the veins of Jazz on the Square.

The 2015 line-up for Jazz on the Square will feature Monty Maxwell, Ronald “Boo” Hinkson of Saint Lucia and Sonde of Cayenne on Wednesday May 6. Day two of the event will see performances by Saint Lucia’s very own Humphrey Inglis & TMT, TFO which features a Barbadian saxophonist and 19 year old songstress Kristen Walker, and Miguel Siso a champion of the Venezuelan Cuatro.

The third and final day will feature the band Kenson Hyppolyte & Soul 2 Soul of Saint Lucia, which will include vocalist Shayne Ross, Denesha Marshal and Luke Fincher. Trinidadian steel-pan virtuoso Ken “Professor” Philmore will also take the stage as well as Zouk & the Gang from Guadeloupe.

Heineken believes that for there to be any sustainable growth in the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, events like these are key and its support is well placed in nurturing the skills of our people way beyond the stage and even after the last note has sounded.

Adrian Augier of Landmark Events in acknowledging the support of Heineken and other supporters, said Tuesday that this was a tribute to the event, which he saw as central to the festival. “We can always count on WLBL and Heineken to help get the fuel through the veins of the event and we are very appreciative,” Augier said.

Other sponsors of the 2015 Jazz on the Square, which runs from midday to 3 pm each day are RBC, KFC, LIME, Chairman’s Reserve and Duboulay’s Bottling.

For Heineken its presence at Jazz on the Square will again include exciting promotions and specials and of course, the signature Heineken Beer Garden.


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