Licensing Boat Rides It has been remarkable to watch the growth of events in St. Lucia. The creativity, the specialty services offered, cabanas, themes, captivating promotional campaigns and so much more. We have become a premier destination, for the most exciting fetes tracked by drones and re-lived over and over on social media.

Event/Party cruises, aka, boat rides, contribute to the wide range of options that promoters have when deciding how to fete. The planning, permissions and partnerships required to get that done at a high standard so that patrons will look forward to the event, the next time around, could not be an easy undertaking. We applaud the hard work and skill of our promoters.

Songwriters have a similar ambition as promoters and that is to provide their fans with the type of experience that they would want to put on replay. They both involve creativity that’s aimed at touching one emotion or the other. In fact, music users (including promoters) and music creators represent two sides of the same coin; and collective management organizations, such as ECCO Inc, have the responsibility of ensuring that monies are collected and subsequently distributed whenever music is used commercially whether on land or at sea within our territorial waters.

main ingredient on boat rides is really the music. That music is the intellectual property of the songwriter and composer and as it would apply to any other service that we consume, payment will be expected for the copyright owner(s) – no matter who the middlemen are in supplying the service.

ECCO Inc would like all sectors of the entertainment and music industries to benefit equally from the swells in boat rides powered by our increasing collection of infectious local and regional music. We will seek collaborations with SLASPA, vessel owners and operators, promoters and deejays to ensure that in 2020 event cruises join our land-based promoters in providing compensation to our songwriters and music publishers. There is no better time to start than now.

If you have any questions, enquiries or concerns, please do not hesitate to visit or call our Office at (758) 451-6436 or you can reach our Music Licensing Agent at (758) 717-1726.

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