Draft Standards Circulated for Public Comment

The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards (SLBS) has issued the following three drafte standards for public comment:

  • Labelling of tobacco products
  • Tourism and related services – Requirements and recommendations for beach operators
  • Cosmetics – Guidelines on good manufacturing practices.

The labeling of tobacco products standard is adding another layer of protection of  health and safety  by enhancing the  minimum requirements for labelling of tobacco products  as it   broadens the scope to include not just cigarettes but all tobacco products intended for retail in Saint Lucia.

The tourism product for its part is being supported in the new standard by addressing  a concern  where standards have largely been silent.  There are no specific standards for beaches and little guidance on beach management to help operators determine and plan for beach management. As a result, many beaches have not been developed or managed in a sustainable way, resulting in some loss of the natural beauty of the site and, consequently, a negative beach user experience.

This International Standard seeks to provide guidance in helping to establish international benchmarks for beach management and safety.

The cosmetics standard gives guidelines for the production, control, storage and shipment of cosmetic products.

The public comment phase of the process of adoption of a standard is critical to the implementation of standards.  It is important that the users have an opportunity to recommend changes to or disposing of areas which may place unreasonable demands on the sector.  It is expected that having been part of the development process, the implementers will comply more readily and contribute to the creation of a quality culture in Saint Lucia.

Of equal value is the desire to establish consensus on minimum requirements in the operation of any sector; an essential to economic development.

The comment period for the standards began in June and will end on August 3rd 2015.  The standards have been made available to stakeholder associations for distribution to their membership.  In addition, they are available at all public libraries on the island and from the SLBS.

All comments on the standards should be addressed to the Head of the Standards Development Department of the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards, Bisee Industrial Estate, Box CP 5412, Castries

For more information contact Vernet St. Omer-Fontenelle at v.fontenelle@slbs.org or 758-53-009/720-8756

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