CTO Joins Forces with CRTN/ITSA Network to Boost Tourism Research in the Caribbean

BARBADOS (August 1, 2023) – The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), the Caribbean region’s tourism development agency, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Caribbean Tourism Researchers Network (CTRN)/International Tourism Studies Association (ITSA), aimed at strengthening tourism research in the region.

The CTRN/ITSA is a network of tourism researchers under ITSA who are actively engaged in research on Caribbean tourism. Its primary aim is to enhance the tourism sector in the Caribbean through research.

The two organizations have agreed to cooperate on research initiatives and projects, the development of knowledge products, sharing critical research and knowledge, and capacity-building initiatives. Two projects have already been identified for execution under the agreement.

One is a capacity-building program geared towards sensitizing researchers, working with regional tourism bodies, on some of the latest techniques used to design and execute tourism research projects. The second is a research project focused on understanding and building sustainable and resilient Caribbean destination policies.

“The collaboration between the Caribbean Tourism Organization and CTRN/ITSA provides an immediate boost to one of our core areas, research, which serves as the foundation for all other organizational activities. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to strengthen and advance the tourism industry in the Caribbean region through evidence-based policy recommendations that contribute to the growth of a resilient and sustainable tourism industry, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the economic well-being of the Caribbean population. We believe that the expertise and insights of these academics from across the world will contribute immensely to the alignment of the priorities of our membership and deliver on our objectives,” said Neil Walters, CTO’s acting Secretary General.

“The recently signed Memorandum of Understanding of CRTN/ITSA with the Caribbean Tourism Organization is consistent with the vision and major goal of the International Tourism Studies Association. CTRN/ITSA and this MOU are model case studies of what ITSA wants to replicate in other world regions. It is a great example of the willingness to use knowledge exchange in tourism to improve the capacity and resilience of this important economic sector. CRTN/ITSA members and their colleagues around the globe stand ready to contribute to the successful implementation of this historic agreement,” commented Professor Alastair Morrison, Vice President of ITSA.

The arrangement is for an initial three-year period but can be extended by mutual agreement.

Tenisha Brown-Williams, ITSA Regional Vice President (Caribbean) and Chair of the CTRN/ITSA, stated that “the CTRN/ITSA aims to enhance tourism’s social and economic impact in the Caribbean by generating and disseminating high-quality useful research. We understand that our research should benefit industry stakeholders, tourism practitioners, policy-makers, destination planners, and the like in their understanding of critical Caribbean tourism issues and developing tourism policies, plans, and work programs. We are excited about this new partnership with the CTO and look forward to its positive impacts.”

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