Edwin and Bonnie Zephirin began their shared life together in Saint Lucia, despite the significant differences in their backgrounds. Armed with much hope for the future, hand in hand, their path lead to the establishment and success of Viking. Their tenaciousness, commitment and determination served them well along their way.

It is said there are no coincidences in life..the couple chose the name of their undertaking to reflect the indomitability of the Vikings, for it led them to build the ships that would one day explore and discover the New World.

The couple’s vision was to introduce the rest of the world to the authentic taste of the Caribbean. Using local raw materials as much as possible has allowed Viking Traders to deliver fresh products to their customers and to develop a close relationship between local and regional farmers.

A disastrous fire in the Zephirin’s bakery in 1972 compelled Ed and Bonnie to establish their business quickly as a means to support their family.

Ed’s years of experience in baking and creating recipes and Bonnie’s talent for marketing served them well when the couple started Viking Traders. Ed worked day and night in a 10′ x 10′ room while initially focusing on the local market. To this day, “The Old Book” filled with his ideas and recipes remains an invaluable legacy.

Well ahead of their time, both Ed and Bonnie recognized the importance of diversification as a key to a company’s growth. Their shared dedication served to inspire their young children to become involved at an early age. Family time became magical hours that included shared discussions on school and work. It was these magical hours that planted the seeds of passion for the taste and feeling of Viking in the next generation.

Today, in addition to manufacturing curry powder, we produce five different lines: specially blended spices, condiments, baking products and gift items. Several Viking products have reached international acclaim and have been awarded prizes for quality.

The second generation of the family continues to honor their parents’ dream by working hard and maintaining close relationships with farmers, employees, distributors and customers.

Viking products are now available for online purchase in Germany, UK, USA, Canada and the Caribbean Islands.

Each day we strive to uphold the tradition of producing and sending the authentic taste of the Caribbean to your door!


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