Premier Property Management specializes in the management of high-end quality investment homes and the properties of absentee homeowners’ in St. Lucia.  In addition, our professional realtor service portfolio offers sales and purchases of high end properties to customer specifications.  Our goal is to ensure our clientele have peace of mind, knowing that their assets are managed by a reputable property management company.

Our systems and processes provide our short and long-term rental clients with efficient services incorporating collection of rent right through to managing maintenance issues in a safe and timely manner.  Pest control as well as regular periodic property inspections ensure we capture and respond to maintenance issues (especially unnoticed by the client) before they escalate.

Our registered status with the Realtors Association (St. Lucia) Inc., as well as years of experience in the hospitality industry with a strong client portfolio for Air BnB guarantees protection of your asset(s).  If you are a tenant looking for a well-managed home for you or your family, or a short vacation in plush surroundings, Premier Property Management welcomes the opportunity to assist you, we look forward to hearing from you.


+1 758 450 8684