EC$30.00 & EC$40.00 Entry Fee!


SAINT LUCIA (June 21, 2016) – The Saint Lucia Tourist Board and regional Sports Consultant Joseph ‘Reds’ Perreira are expressing delight at the attractive ticket prices announced for the upcoming cricket test match between the West Indies and Indian cricket teams.

With the dates set for August 9th – 13th patrons are in for a steal-of-a-deal paying only EC$30.00 per day for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday matches. Friday and Saturday matches, which typically attract larger crowds, are priced at EC$40.00 per day.

Additionally, patrons can purchase one adult ticket and get up to two children tickets free. Tickets must be requested at time of purchase for children under 12 only.  Sponsor discount is price listed above with 25% off. Seniors age 65 and older at the time of purchase must present a valid photo ID and are eligible for up to 50% discount on all areas.

Saint Lucia’s cricket ambassador Darren Sammy has appealed to all cricket devotees to support the third in the series of four test matches, which will take place on Saint Lucia at the newly renamed Darren Sammy National Cricket Grounds.

“I remain truly humbled by this unexpected but much appreciated honor bestowed on me and I look forward to always holding not only my name, but the name of Saint Lucia and indeed West Indies cricket high,” noted Sammy.

The sporting icon has encouraged potential visitors to immerse themselves not only in the excitement of the match, but to explore the varied sites and attractions that make Saint Lucia an acclaimed and award winning destination.

The Saint Lucia Tourist Board firmly supported by sport commentator and consultant  Joseph ‘Reds’ Perreira continue to encourage all sports enthusiasts and cricket lovers to come out in force on August 9th – 13th, 2016 and support their own.  With the fanfare and cheerleading of not only on-island patrons but that of regional cricket fans expected here for the event, Perreira says, “the hope is to create that winning atmosphere designed to help propel the team to victory.”


Day 30 Thu 4 Aug Travel to Saint Lucia
Day 31 Fri 5 Aug Rest/Practice  
Day 32 Sat 6 Aug Rest/Practice  
Day 33 Sun 7 Aug Rest/Practice  
Day 34 Mon 8 Aug Rest/Practice  
Day 35 Tue 9 Aug 3rd Test  
Day 36 Wed 10 Aug  
Day 37 Thu 11 Aug Beausejour, Darren Sammy National Cricket Grounds
Day 38 Fri 12 Aug  
Day 39 Sat 13 Aug  


Matches will also be played in neighboring Antigua, Jamaica and Trinidad as part of the four-test series.

For more information about the island of Saint Lucia call: Saint Lucia: 1 758 452 4094|USA: 1 800 456 3984|Canada: 1 800 869 0377, UK: 44 207 341 7000


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