We are delighted to join our neighboring nations in celebrating Caribbean Tourism Month which this year is being celebrated, in conjunction with the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), under the theme “One Sea, One Voice, One Caribbean.”

While we have distinctions unique to our island homes, we do share many things in common, including our beautiful Caribbean Sea. It is because of the beauty of our Caribbean, and the people who live here, that so many eager visitors travel to our region, making it one of the world’s top warm weather destinations.

These visitors bring resources making tourism by far the most important source of income for our region.

So, we invite you to join this observance by organizing activities and events which recognize the benefits of tourism to our education, employment, health and many other sectors so important for our quality of life.

It’s also a great time to introduce new ideas, methods and products, to propose innovative and revolutionary thinking, and to generate fresh energy into the sector. As the CTO asserts: “Be creative, be daring, be brave, be innovative.”

If you are on social media, join the 30-Day Social Media Photo/Video Challenge featuring the people, fashion, heritage and natural attributes of the Caribbean using #CTM2016.

Let’s work together to make the Caribbean not only the best place in the world to visit, but also the most nurturing place to grow up, live and work for generations to come.

About the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA)

The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) is the Caribbean’s leading association representing tourism interests for national hotel and tourism associations. For more than 50 years, the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association has been the backbone of the Caribbean hospitality industry. Working together with 1,000 hotel and allied members and 32 National Hotel Associations, CHTA is shaping the Caribbean’s future and helping members to grow their businesses. Whether navigating new worlds like social media, sustainability, legislative issues, emerging technologies, data and intelligence or looking for avenues and ideas to better market and manage businesses, CHTA is helping members on matters that matter most.

For further information, visit www.caribbeanhotelandtourism.com.


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