Why Join Us?

Membership of the SLHTA is an endorsement, confirming to customers and fellow members that they are in contact with a professional friend, and a sincere supporter of the tourism industry. Membership enables you to enhance your business in ways that could prove too costly or difficult to accomplish on your own.

Who are our Members?

Members include large and small hotels; villas, boutique hotels; restaurants; airlines; tour companies; travel agents; car rental companies; banks; security services; sporting companies; statutory boards; public utilities; taxi services; manufacturers and suppliers of other goods and services.

More Detailed Benefits would include:

  1. Side Networking
    This entails the advantage of being part of a forum of diverse tourism enterprises and potential clients that could drive business in the form of alliances, exclusive service contracts, joint marketing and promotion, preferred partner services etc.
  2. Side The Wider SLHTA Forum
    Provides a stronger platform for negotiating with Government and other entities on issues of concern to its members and the overall tourism sector.
  3. Side Access
    To reliable information, research and advise on issues that the members may have an interest in.
  4. Side Membership
    Of an Association that promotes high standards and accords a degree of respectability to all its members.
  5. Side Use
    Of the Association’s facilities for sub-group meetings or consultations with other members.
  6. Side Ability
    To resolve differences with other SLHTA members in a cordial and well-refereed atmosphere.
  7. Side Participation
    In local, regional and international events under the auspices of the SLHTA, CHTA or other associated body.
  8. Side Possibility
    Of participating in a proposed “SLHTA membership club” that offers mutual discounts and special rates to other members such as lower hotel, car rental, shopping and perhaps utility charges.
  9. Side Ability
    To access the Members Only section of the website, which will link to a complete membership directory and Association information.
  10. Side The SLHTA Website
    Is a major source of information for members and visitors alike. All members will be featured on the website, with links provided to their respective website and other regional and international industry sites.



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