SLHTA Football Competition Champions Listing

  • 2018 Football Champions – Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa
  • 2017 Football Champions – Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa
  • 2016 Football Champions – Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa
  • 2015 Football Champions – Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa
  • 2014 Football Champions – Sandals Grande St Lucian Spa & Beach Resort
  • 2013 Football Champions – Sugar Beach A Viceroy Resort
  • 2012 Football Champions – Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa

The Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association (SLHTA) has begun an initiative which seeks to encourage health and wellness among its members, hence the reason for the “SLHTA Sports Invitational”. The Association started this sporting activity in the early 90s which has been inactive for a couple years now, so as a result we decided to revitalize the initiative. The conclusion was made that the Association should start the Invitational with a football knockout competition which is guaranteed to help re-introduce and nurture the lost inter-company relationships and promote interaction and networking amongst employees.

The games were played over a one month period at various football playing fields around the island, including the Corinth, Soufriere and Vigie playing fields. The next activity on the SLHTA Sports Calendar was the Knockout Cricket Competition scheduled to kick off at the Soufriere basketball court. There was also a Netball Rama on the Sports Calendar of Events and finally the most anticipated Manager’s Tennis Competition which will be played on Saturday 3rd November at Coconut Bay Beach Resort.


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