The Saint Lucia Hotel & Tourism Association (SLHTA) hosts an annual MISS SLHTA Pageant, which seeks to forge stronger links between Tourism and Culture.

Each year, the show spotlights a specific aspect of Saint Lucia’s Folk Culture and its influence on the island’s authentic tourism product. The event highlights the traditional dress culture of Saint Lucia, the “Wob Dwiyet”, which is part of the island’s cultural heritage, influenced by our French Creole and African inheritance. The Miss SLHTA pageant also showcases the diverse talents of industry staff and exposes the public to the excitement and glamour of the hotel industry and the wider tourism sector.

MISS SLHTA has been one of the Association’s most successful events in respect to its community outreach and support to deserving charities.  To date, the event has been able to award, from its proceeds, forty (40) scholarships to the children of hotel and tourism employees. Furthermore, one of the prizes for each winner is a full scholarship to Monroe College.

All pageant participants hail from the tourism sector including hotels, Destination Management Companies and other allied members. The show is coordinated by a group of hospitality sector volunteers, under the guidance of the SLHTA’s Events Committee. Pre- show preparation activities include media interviews; a visit to the Governor General and tourism industry leaders; familiarization tours of different properties; official presentations to sponsors; and etiquette, deportment, grooming and speech training.


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