This is the one Caribbean food and beverage festival not to be missed; the one annual opportunity to network, polish professional skills and cheer on colleagues in competition, before a large audience of industry peers and consumer culinary enthusiasts. But there’s much more to it than that. Taste of the Caribbean provides education and inspiration through seminars, workshops, tastings and demonstrations, created to enhance performance, style and profitability in food and beverage operations.

The Taste of the Caribbean trade show is a unique, one-stop forum for gathering practical information, sampling, purchasing, strengthening established supplier relationships and meeting new vendors, all on hand to help Taste of the Caribbean registrants build food and beverage business – and yield benefits on the bottom line.

The road to Taste of the Caribbean starts in the Caribbean as each island holds individual competitions to select the 3 chefs, 1 pastry chef and 1 bartender that will make their national team. Excitement builds on island as the teams have local events where they practice for the competition.

At Taste of the Caribbean, a random drawing takes place where teams are assigned their competition spot, lunch or dinner. The competition is a hot food competition where the competitors cook and present food to be judged on taste as well as execution of skills and presentation. These competitions are somewhat larger in scope than cold food competitions, in that kitchen space is required, raw products and servers are provided. Hot food competition making use of a market basket is best in determining the skills required of Chefs and Cooks.



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