The SLHTA in collaboration with the Martinique Chamber of Commerce hosted a delegation of Martinique Business Owners visiting Saint Lucia from March 3rd – 6th 2015 on a Business Mission.  The Mission has been organized with a view to encourage private sector cooperation relations between both islands, and most specifically, to facilitate trade development and exchanges. As such, this page was created to further facilitate more online visibility and marketing for the following companies:


Manager: Alex Bilas

Company Name: Comia

Product/Service:  Agro-processing (pork products)

Telephone Number: 596 666162

Email Address:

Location: BP 266 Place d’armes, Lamentin

Zip Code: 97232

Fax Number: 0596 514021




Company Name: Plastic Omnium Caraibes SAS

Company Description: Plastic Omnium is a company specializing in processing and marketing of plastic materials. Plastic Omnium was established on April 15, 1946, and has become an international brand since 1970. Today present on 5 continents and 27 countries, the company has 96 factories and 88 sales subsidiaries and employs 13,740 employees around the world (including 64% outside France The group is divided into two parts “Plastic Omnium Automotive” and “Plastic Omnium Environment.”

Manager: Victoire Sainte-Croix

Product/Service:  Waste management facilities and street furniture

Email Address:

Telephone: 596 639+155 / 596 512791 / 696258769

Location: ZA Bois Quarre – Immeuble Palmiers Phoenix, Lamentin

Zip Code: 97232

Fax Number: 596 700 782





Manager: Marcel Lienafa

Company Name: Almagem

Company Description: Business advice in information and communications technology (ICT) Almagem offers a pragmatic, strategic vision of ICT to enable your organization or your territory sustainably develop its competitiveness. Internet, intranet, mobile networks, information systems, these technologies are now unavoidable. Used with strategies, they can be significant assets for your project, your company or your community

Product/Service:  ICT consultant / softwares

Telephone Number: 0696 5079 42

Email Address:

Location: Nord Creatis, Zone d’activite de La Semair, Robert

Zip Code: 97231





Manager: Jean-Marc Bullet

Company Name: Bullet & Associes

Company Description: We see it, we design it and we manufacture.We question only the forms and materials, but also the whole system on which the customs.  You are creators of business, and you want to showcase your innovation. We place the design in your project at the strategic level. In search of the most appropriate solution to the use of your clients, we pay attention to economic innovation, social and technological.

Product/Service:  Industrial design

Telephone Number: 05 96 576 425 / 0696 201981

Email Address:

Location: Rue Nerius, Qu Durand,Saint Joseph

Zip Code: 97212





Manager: Boris Dupoux

Company Name: Light is Vibe

Company Description: IBE designs and manufactures lamps for indoor as for outdoor use, made from local, sustainable and resistant materials. By producing our lightings in Martinique, we are working in connection with the whole Caribbean, combining tradition and modernity.

Product/Service: Light manufacturer

Telephone Number: 596 0696 5327 60 / 596 596 604565

Email Address:

Location: 28 Rue de L’ouvrier Albert, Fort de France

Zip Code: 97200





Manager: Fabrice Marquet

Company Name: Madivial

Product/Service:   Agro-processing (butchery)

Telephone Number: 596 696 384780

Email Address:

Location: Impasse Canne Verte, Maison 98 Lamentin

Zip Code: 97232

Fax Number: 596 596 738263




Manager: Manuella Rene-Corail

Company Name: Petit Bateau

Product/Service:  Clothing

Telephone Number: 0696 431414 / 0596 589193 / 0596 726492

Email Address:

Location: Centre Commercial La Veranda Didier, Fort de France

Zip Code: 97200




Company Name: Serenade des Saveurs

Telephone Number: 596 96 390838

Product/Service:  Agro-processing (juices, jams…)

Email Address:

Location: Quartier La Charles, Vert Pre Le Robert

Zip Code: 97231




Manager: Pablo Rosine

Company Name: Socarcom

Product/Service:  Digital Communication

Telephone Number: 0696 255 526

Email Address:

Location: Carre d’affaire Chatado ACAJOU, Lamentin

Zip Code: 97232





Manager: Jessica Wan Ajouhu

Company Name: Souvenirs Tropic

Company Description: We are specialized in wholesale and retail of a wide variety of gifts and souvenirs of our island and our region, Martinique and the Caribbean . Any dealer interested in buying wholesale is requested to contact us to conclude the formalities. Please note that all products we sell are manufactured in accordance with standards specified by the European Union, in the spirit of fair trade and human rights.

Product/Service: Souvenirs

Telephone: 0596 570455 / 0596 570504

Email Address:

Location: ZL La Lezarde, Lamentin

Zip Code: 97232





Manager: David Charles

Company Name: STI SARL

Company Description:

Product/Service:  Renewable energies

Telephone Number: 596  596 035887

Email Address:




Company Name: Asia Step Industries

Manager: Xavier Barney

Product/Service:  Import/Export

Email Address:

Telephone: 596 696 385 885

Location: L’Etang Z’Abricots 97200 Fort-de-France





Company Name: Carib Fruits

Manager: Naod Thomas

Product/Service:  Fruits

Email Address:

Telephone: 596 696 370 639

Location: 97232 Le Lamentin





Company Name: Agroa

Manager: Tony Terrine

Product/Service:  Food Product Manufacturing

Company Description: Agroa is a high quality food products manufacturing company. We manufacture bio products and conventionnels very innovative. The pursuit of quality is our first concern and further raw material carefully selected, we work particularly gustatory side of our products.

Email Address:

Telephone: 596 596 543 102 / 596 696 443 902

Location: 97231 Le Robert