The SLHTA represents its membership’s collective contribution to St. Lucia’s Tourism by integrating the diverse talents, knowledge and expertise of its membership.

The SLHTA is governed by a Board of Directors comprising representatives from various sections of the tourism sector. This structure is strengthened by a Secretariat, headed by an Executive Vice President and focuses on these main activities:

Association Management: Involves creating, delivering and communicating benefits to active members and actively work on expansion of the membership base.

Tourism Promotion: A large responsibility of the Association is destination marketing. Since tourism contributes significantly to our economic growth, the Association in collaboration with the St. Lucia Tourist Board and Ministry of Tourism works arduously to ensure the sustainability of St. Lucia’s Tourism product. The SLHTA also promotes the importance of tourism to St. Lucia through a series of public awareness programmes.

Advocacy: The SLHTA actively represents the interests and concerns of its members at the level of government. It uses its “collective voice” to influence policy and lobby members of parliament on tourism related matters.

Product Development: The Association focuses on education to improve the quality of service and lives of St. Lucians. In addition the SLHTA is integrally involved in the improvement of the total quality of the tourism product; infrastructure and community.


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